Martine and Lita won singing award at the Three Sisters

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Martine and Lita won singing award at the Three Sisters

Every month The Three Sisters in Edinburgh, a well known pub in the area promotes a karaoke contest and the first prize are free drinks for a whole month. Funds from this event also help fund local charities.

Jessica, our correspondent was there that night to cover this unique event.

The contestants this year were quite talented. A lot of good music and different styles were played, from classic Nirvana to Rihanna and Leonard Cohen. Some already had a bit too much to drink and their performance reflected that. Whether if this year's 2 winning contestants were in the same situation was not clear.

Lita and Martine were the latest contestants to win the prestigious Karaoke competition at the Three Sisters on Tuesday night.
'Every time I've met you, you seem like you're in a great mood,' Jessica, our correspondent, told the electric duo, who she frequently meets at these events at the Three Sisters. But this time it seems they were even dressed to blow out the house.

'What's not to love?' asked Lita, who was wearing a silky, heavily patterned two-piece with gold medallions, shades and a white scarf
'I've got to say if I was wearing that level of silk I think that I would be happy as well,' remarked Martine.
'If I could dress like that all day every day I'd just be over the moon,' she continued, Lita grinned: 'I bet you can.'
'No chance, if I wore that I'd look like I was having a breakdown,' replied Martine who then leaned in to touch Lita's' eccentric outfit. 'It's a breathable fabric,' she said admiringly.

The Lita and Martine duo decided to perform Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time Of My Life, a romantic 80's classic. But what drove the crowd crazy was Martine's passionate singing and Lita's frantic dancing moves. By the end the cheers of the crowd were deafening and one could see they had very good chance to win it this time.

"I was really moved by their performance tonight. It looked like they have been practising for this one. Lita was very spontaneous and energetic on stage and Martine's aching voice was very moving. I voted for them, and I think most of my friend did too" one of the pub goer told Jessica

"Reminded me of my old times. Good to listen to this music again" Said Craig, a middle aged man who told us of his clubbing days in the 80's.

"They sang this romantic song very convincingly. A song that is usually performed by a couple. Was quite a feat and one could feel their connection on stage proving that two women can be sexy and romantic with each other and everyone enjoys it" Said Sarah who also voted for the duo

The owner of the Three Sisters was also visibly satisfied with the night "Was very good for business. After tonight I'm going to have a talk with them both. They frequently attend these weekly Karaoke contests. I have been watching them, they bring people to the pub and I think it's time I give them something back. I don't want to lose their talent." he said visibly satisfied.

The night was a party night, quite unusual for a week day. The duo didn't know where to turn after the voting was done and they celebrated their victory. With all the free drinks for them the night turned out very chaotic quickly.

And according to our sources we will be seeing more of them again on a more professional note given their extraordinary performance that night.

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